lego duplo giveaway

We’re giving away two sets of LEGO Duplo!

Sponsored post Did you catch our video reviews of the LEGO Duplo Around the World Arctic edition and the My First Truck boxset? The Lionheart family is a huge LEGO fan; Ryan and Oliver have a whole bag of blocks in their bedroom. Their favourite thing is to mix and match from the different sets and make up their own stories. As a mom whose pockets are not bottomless, I’ve gotta say that the LEGO Duplo sets are one of the few toys that actually last; it’s almost impossible to break a block, even if you accidentally step on one. […]

race marshal for a day

That one time I was a race marshal

I don’t know if you’ve noticed but I’m doing my damnedest to shake things up in my life this year. I can handle anything, really dear hearts. Disabled kid, nailed it. But what I can’t handle is sameness. (There was a time in my life when I longed for the mind-numbing safety of motherhood, marriage, and a stable income, but those days are dusted.) Now I want adventure, dammit. It doesn’t even need to be adventure. I’ll settle for something new to put on my toast. Like that marmalade I opened a month ago, ate once and now it’s chilling like […]


Hurry-up cake with honey fudge icing

Sponsored post From the moment the goodie bag, I mean, goodie sack arrived the kids were all over it. I brought it home from work, hid it in my boot and took it out the next morning before they went to school. It looked like the kind of bag that Santa slings over his shoulder. Except this bag was filled with… pasta, and biscuits, and flour! I really, really love the packaging of the Nature’s Farm products. My husband whisked away the Black Forest biscuits before I even had a chance to try them! I decided to try the cake […]


Something arrived in the post…

Time: 7.30am on a Saturday morning, the whole family is still asleep Song: Letters from the Sky, Civil Twilight Wearing: ripped pyjama bottoms and a fluffy gown Here’s something you might not know about me – or perhaps it’s not surprising at all. I’ve revealed so much and so little about myself on this blog over the years that it’s hard to keep track of which version of me lives here. Honk if you know what I mean. I keep everything. I’m not a hoarder of random crap, though. I hoard memories and moments in boxes big and small, plain […]


Review: LEGO Duplo Around the World Arctic edition

Every day when I come home from work there is a new LEGO sculpture waiting for me to ooh and aah over. Ryan and Oliver usually build cube-like structures (that remind me distinctly of the Vogons’ ships in the film version of Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy), and they hide dinosaurs and Hot Wheel cars inside.  They also left one of these sculptures in front of the fridge last night, like a booby trap for the resident midnight snacker. That’s me. Thanks for blowing my cover, guys. Here they are playing with their new LEGO Duplo set: the Arctic edition of […]


You can teach an old lion(heart) new tricks

Let the record reflect that 5 minutes ago I had another breakthrough with Travis the Lionheart. I think I’ve figured out how to teach him to use a spoon! I’m so excited at the possibilities – just imagine… If I can get this right, then at supper time I’ll be able to eat a meal at the same time as the rest of the family instead of feeding Travis first, and then eating my own (usually cold) plate of food. Actually, I did sorta-kinda find a workaround for that little conundrum. I’ve started sharing a plate with Travis. So I’ll […]

A day in the life of our Lionheart

I don’t blog about our boy nearly enough these days, and I think that’s because our family has settled into a happy routine. As you know, in February this year we decided to bring Travis the Lionheart home to live with us again after he spent seven months in residential care. Since then he’s put on loads of weight and is mostly happy and giggly, but of course, there are still the difficult days. He stopped pulling everyone’s windscreen wiper blades off their cars (yay), but his new hobby is ripping covers off books. This is making his brothers pretty cross, […]

PicMonkey Collage

Date night and deep-fried Oreos

This isn’t a restaurant review, it’s a review of my date last night. Dating your husband is an expensive business. First, you have to pay your nanny to sleep over. Then you have to buy Woolies mac ‘n cheese and a tub of chocolate mousse to use as sufficient bribery so the kids don’t yell, “I want to come withhhhhhh” as you sneak out the door. Then there is the actual cost of the date. Because you never-ever-ever go out, you always end up ordering wa-a-a-y more from the menu than you intend to. Because good God, who knows when you’ll […]


Review: My First Truck from LEGO Duplo!

Sponsored post   Ryan has been badgering me for ages to help him film toy review like his hero Ryan ToysReview over on YouTube. Yes, I know! Two Ryans on YouTube doing toy reviews 🙂 I couldn’t think of a better opportunity to start off his toy review videos than with LEGO Duplo! We have a giant bag full of LEGO Duplo blocks at home that Ryan shares with his brother Oliver. LEGO blocks are seriously one of the best-best-BEST toys that you can give your child to play with! It’s all about creativity, spatial 3D, engineering and problem-solving. (And […]