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Influencers, here’s how to embed a booking form into your blog

Sponsored post Ask anyone, I am all about creating sticky magnetic quality content. Not just on this blog, but it’s also my day job over at Content Candy, where I head up content strategy and throw biscuits at my writers before running out of the room to safety while yelling what their deadlines are. What I don’t love is paperwork. And creating cost estimates, and thumb-sucking pricing, and filling out vendor forms (why are there always so many vendor forms!?) and sending out invoices, and later, chasing payment for those invoices. I’m a creative. I make stuff. I’m also registered […]


Trust me, the best online accounting service for small businesses is Sage One

Sponsored post Back when we started Content Candy I was using a spreadsheet to run my entire writing business. Just one. It didn’t even have formulas in it because I don’t know how to do them. My spreadsheet was just a list of every invoice I sent out during the financial year, what date it was sent, what date it was paid, and there was a column where I indicated whether or not my biggest client Media24 had nicked 25% off the total and submitted it as PAYE to SARS on my behalf. (Man, we freelance journos used to love it […]


Looks like we’re going the private school route

This private school thing really wasn’t part of the plan… or the budget. Ryan will be going to Grade R next year, so last week I applied for him at the new private school opening in our neighbourhood. It’s a good group of schools with a good reputation. He would be in the class of 2017. Good for me, getting a jump on the paperwork early. Whether they are trying to boost their numbers, or they speak the truth – they told me he’d be put on a rather lengthy waiting list for next year, but…. they do Still Have […]

The one where she finally buys those Hunter Boots

Everyone has a carrot. Something you dangle just out of reach; something that makes you give it your best. For me, it was a pair of Hunter Boots. And yesterday, I finally bought them. I have worked so hard for so long to buy these Hunter Boots, that I can’t even remember why I fell in love with them in the first place. I mean, it’s September! I won’t even get to wear them until next winter (although the 4pm highveld thunderstorms this summer will make for some pretty fantastic puddle-jumps). Before buying these – they cost R1679 – the most […]

What did you get for Mother’s Day?

Sponsored post So, Mother’s Day, huh? Went by in a flurry of fluffy gowns and breakfasts in bed. I’ll confess: I actually spent a great deal of the free time afforded to me on Mother’s Day scrolling through Instagram. It was straight-up adorbs seeing what my fellow moms received as prezzies. (Mother’s Day has clearly turned me mushy because I don’t think I have ever used the word ‘adorbs’ in a sentence until now.) Did you know? After Christmas, Mother’s Day is the second most commercially, um, I think the term is “successful” annual celebration for retailers? Sorry, dads. And […]

Big families and trailers go together like…

Sponsored post April has more holidays than my boys have Lego cars. (Parents – you know what I am talking about – the kids have tonnes of Lego, but the bits with the wheels always go missing first.) With yet another long weekend looming, I’m willing to bet you’ve got a road trip in the works. And road tripping with kids and their “essentials” means: trailers. Anyway, I asked my boys to choose a couple of toys to take with them on our adventures this long weekend. Here are just a few “essentials” that there’s no space for in a […]

Home is where the heart is. And your stuff, don’t forget your stuff.

Sponsored post I can’t believe it’s March already. We have made so many memories in 2015. We kicked off the new year with beach sand between our toes, and then in February my other half and I enjoyed a pre-Valentines Day break in the bushveld with elephant-back rides and Amarula on ice at sunset. Then a couple of weeks ago we got to spend some time over the Cabanas at Sun City. It sounds glam, but actually all these mini-breaks have been work-related. In reality, the purse strings are pulled tighter than ever. It’s funny though, because I don’t think […]

3 pocket-friendly kids activities in Jozi

Sponsored post I’m still feeling my short change shaking after Januworry. It really is the most dreadful month of the year. My pockets are as flat as my practical ‘mom’ shoes. Still, that doesn’t mean you can’t still have some frugal fun with the kids over the weekend. King Price knows this very well. You know how King Price works, right? It’s those super cheap car insurance premiums that decreases every month, so your February doesn’t turn into January déjà vu. In the spirit of saving your pennies, King Price asked me to share my hot list of pocket-friendly kids […]

Give yourself a money makeover in 2015

When I walked down the aisle in 2008, I wore Italian kitten heels that were studded in champagne-coloured diamante. (They cost R1000, and to this day it’s the most I’ve ever spent on a pair of shoes.) I thought I was a smart cookie back then, but I wasn’t just dragging a dreamy, romantic veil behind me on my Big Day, I was also dragging an overdraft, three credit cards and four store accounts into my marriage. The stuff of fairytales, huh? I believed that this kind of debt wasn’t a big deal. I thought that I was in control […]

Saving for your child’s education, Lionheart-style

Collaborative post Recently I was set the challenge of investigating the different ways in which I could set aside funds for my boys’ education. When you think ‘education’, you’re usually picturing the staggeringly high cost of a stint at university, but in my experience, school fees begin hogging your family budget much earlier than you’d expect. Example: My three boys attend good schools in our neighborhood. From January next year we’ll be paying over R11 000 a month towards school fees, and my kids are all under that age of 7. That’s R5 000 a month for Travis the Lionheart […]