This year I’m going to #playmore

Sponsored post Being a working mom is hard, and running your own company is even harder – because, in a way, you become everybody’s mom. So much so, that sometimes I forget who my real family is. That was hard to write, but it’s true. For the last three years, I have been pushing and pushing and PUSHING at work, sacrificing so much of my time and attention in the hopes that I can build something for my family. I tell myself that I don’t have the luxury of “switching off”, that it will pay off big in the end. […]


Just in time for Christmas, our top five favourite LEGO Duplo sets…

The boys have had a ball (or maybe, a “block”) being LEGO Duplo ambassadors this year. We racked and stacked and bashed and built enough LEGO constructions to last a lifetime. Kidding. You can never get tired of playing with LEGO. I asked the kids what their favourite LEGO Dupo sets have been so far, and which ones they’ve asked Father Christmas to bring them. This is the ultimate list for grannies and grandpas, aunties and uncles, and anyone who wants to make this Christmas the best ever for little LEGO lovers. 1. Lego Duplo Mickey Mouse Oh, Toodles! The […]


The first 1,000 days matter most and why Mama Martha is amazing

We all know that it’s important for our kids to eat well, get their vitamins in and lay off the sugary treats. But you might not know just how important those first 1,000 days of a child’s life are when it comes to nutrition. Also: did you know that those 1,000 days kick off the moment you fall pregnant? I didn’t know that. I’ll tell you who does know: Mama Martha. She runs the most amazing crèche in Gugulethu, and I paid a visit with fellow bloggers Cindy Alfino – oh, she of the pink hair and hilarious Snaps, and The […]


Win a Paw Patrol Zoomer Marshall worth R2000!

THIS COMPETITION IS NOW CLOSED. The winner is: CHRIS L OOSTHUIZEN! Congrats. This is the true story of how I won the Mom of the Year Award. It started with an email from Just Fun Kidz, asking if Ryan and Oliver wanted to review the new Paw Patrol Zoomer Marshall on their YouTube channel, The Mighty Squish. And it ended, well… it hasn’t ended at all, really because the boys have been playing with their pet non-stop for weeks now. Even Travis the Lionheart has been curious about the pup that has been roaming the house!   If you’re looking for […]


Looking for a birthday present for the little squish in your life?

Sponsored post Finally, I have the answer to that question I see on Facebook all the time. “It’s my niece-nephew-godchild’s first birthday party, and I don’t know what to get as a present.” This is the answer: their first set of LEGO! Be the cool auntie or uncle and This is the answer: their first LEGO! Everyone wants to be the cool auntie or uncle, and buy their little squish some Lego. But then you go into the toy shop and look around and yup, it’s overwhelming. As a rule of thumb, you want to be buying the bigger blocks – […]


Soap, songs and footstools – the secrets to getting kids into the handwashing habit

Sponsored post Ryan: “Mom, how does that song go again?” Mom: “Top and bottom, top and bottom…” Ryan: “In between, in between. Rub your hands together, rub your hands together. “Now they’re clean, SQUEAKY clean.” If it’s not immediately obvious, we’ve been working on our handwashing habits in the Lionheart household this week. We learned a new song, and I bought one of those Dettol automatic soap dispensers – it’s a hit. In fact, it’s such a hit that I’ve had to use the Off switch a few times so that enthusiastic little hand-washers don’t use a month’s worth of […]


99 bottles of beer (and pasta sauce and pickles) on the wall

Okay, it was more like 19 bottles. That’s how many glass items we collected in our new glass recycling bin a little more than two weeks ago for September’s Glass Recycling Month. And oh my lawdie, it was embarrassing to line them all up on the wall before we dropped them off at our nearest glass bank for recycling. It’s kind of like digging through someone else’s trash and seeing all their dirty secrets. Except these secrets are ours. I should probably drink less Savanna’s and put a bit more effort into making our own pasta sauces instead of using […]


New video! The boys head out to PwC Bike Park

It’s school holidays for us at the moment, and if there’s one thing I know we’ll do for sure is visit the PwC Bike Park in Bryanston. To give you some context, we have about ten different plastic bikes, balance bikes, tricycles and bicycles here at home – there is literally no space to park them all, and it takes a good few minutes every night to roam the garden and find them all, so we can lock them up safely at night. It’s fair to say the Lionheart boys are a bit bike-mad. Thinking about a trip to the […]


5 ways playing with LEGO helps my boys learn and grow

Sponsored post I need to show you all something. In the last few months, my boys have been obsessed with their LEGO Duplo sets. We’ve even filmed a couple of videos of them playing with their blocks. In fact, LEGO sculptures are becoming quite serious now. Just look at my son Ryan, going online to find inspiration for things to build. He’s taking it to engineer-level, and I’m loving it. Here are some of the LEGO models that he and I built together after skimming through Google Images for ideas:   This was a couple of weeks ago, and since then […]


We’ve finally started recycling glass! And it’s so easy…

Sponsored post Ever since we moved into our first real house-house in February, I’ve wanted us to start recycling as a family. We’re perfectly set up for it. Our garden has beds that we can use to grow vegetables, there’s a composter tucked away in a corner, there’s a wide open space outside our back door where we can put bins for glass, plastic and tetra packs and the municipality drops off a bag that we can put paper and cardboard in for collection every couple of weeks. So in theory, we should be champion recyclers by now. Except we’re not. […]