Bacon-pecan crumble with caramel nectarines? Yes, please!

Sponsored post I don’t know about you guys, but I watch a lot of cooking shows on TV. I’m a fountain of completely useless information, like the proper method for stretching the gluten in your home-made phyllo pastry and how to get your butter to room temperature without putting it into the microwave. So when Nutrific invited me to a breakfast cook-off with chef Matt Manning, I was pretty sure I had it nailed. (Plus, Nutrific has this website with literally 1000 ways to eat Nutrific biscuits. Can you imagine being the copywriter and food stylist on that gig? It’s […]


I am obsessed with baby bumps

I don’t even know why I feel the need to tell you this. Maybe it’s because I’ve only just realised this about myself and I am so damn surprised at myself. But lately, I melt at the sight of other women’s baby bumps. It’s freaking adorable. I want to rub them. Except I remember vividly how much I hated it when someone came into my space and touched my bump, so I hold back. It’s just… what the hell? Despite the fact that I have three sons, I still don’t consider myself… well, mumsy. The newborn, baby, toddler stages – […]

race marshal for a day

That one time I was a race marshal

I don’t know if you’ve noticed but I’m doing my damnedest to shake things up in my life this year. I can handle anything, really dear hearts. Disabled kid, nailed it. But what I can’t handle is sameness. (There was a time in my life when I longed for the mind-numbing safety of motherhood, marriage, and a stable income, but those days are dusted.) Now I want adventure, dammit. It doesn’t even need to be adventure. I’ll settle for something new to put on my toast. Like that marmalade I opened a month ago, ate once and now it’s chilling like […]


Something arrived in the post…

Time: 7.30am on a Saturday morning, the whole family is still asleep Song: Letters from the Sky, Civil Twilight Wearing: ripped pyjama bottoms and a fluffy gown Here’s something you might not know about me – or perhaps it’s not surprising at all. I’ve revealed so much and so little about myself on this blog over the years that it’s hard to keep track of which version of me lives here. Honk if you know what I mean. I keep everything. I’m not a hoarder of random crap, though. I hoard memories and moments in boxes big and small, plain […]

PicMonkey Collage

Date night and deep-fried Oreos

This isn’t a restaurant review, it’s a review of my date last night. Dating your husband is an expensive business. First, you have to pay your nanny to sleep over. Then you have to buy Woolies mac ‘n cheese and a tub of chocolate mousse to use as sufficient bribery so the kids don’t yell, “I want to come withhhhhhh” as you sneak out the door. Then there is the actual cost of the date. Because you never-ever-ever go out, you always end up ordering wa-a-a-y more from the menu than you intend to. Because good God, who knows when you’ll […]


Why having a disabled child was the best thing to happen to my business

I could wrap up this whole story in three sentences. Nothing motivates you to make more money than having to pay for special care, special doctors, special schools, special nappies, and shoes that cost more than a limited edition pair of Nike Airs – except your kid grows out of them every six months. The end. But it’s not that simple. If I think about where I was in my career before Travis was born, I was destined for a long, hard slog in middle management. I was the editor of a small computer magazine when I fell pregnant, and […]


100 bite-sized adventures

Something happened to me recently that left me feeling… old and tired. I had to turn down an opportunity that I was really excited about because wisdom prevailed. In other words, I had to adult. Being an adult sucks. So after I turned down this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, I did the adult thing: I ran a giant bath, and sat in the tub watching Netflix and ate a whole packet of fudge that my husband had bought me as a consolation prize. (What can I say, after 10 years this man knows me so well, bless.) Then something happened. The next day […]


The secret to being a tough cookie

In the last while, I’ve had three people, people that I think are pretty flipping cool, tell me that they admire *me* for being tough. Me? Yes, me. Dead mom. Check. Dead boyfriend. Check. Disabled son. Check. I guess I have it pretty tough, but then again – everybody has had something terrible happen to them that they have to live with every day.   Well, here’s my secret to being tough: “There is no spoon.” Sorry, I’m old as fuck and that’s a one-liner straight out of The Matrix.   What I mean is that there is nothing mystical […]

Food diary

Here’s how much junk food I eat in a week [PHOTO STORY]

Sponsored post UPDATE: After seeing just how badly I’ve been eating I have made some changes to my diet. In addition to carrying on with the Entiro probiotic chews (that my kids have now discovered, and ask for their “sweetie” every morning), I bought a whole lotta veggie juices that I keep in the freezer at the office. I’m already feeling better.   And if you don’t know what I’m on about – here’s my [shocking] food photo diary below:   — start of post   The upswing in busy-busy-busy has coincided beautifully with my latest blog challenge from Entiro: […]


Shhh, I’m hiding [and a quickie book review]

Sometimes when people ask me how many children I have, I’ll say four. People who know me will do a double-take and say, “Wait a minute – I thought you had three boys?!” Then they say: “WAIT! Hang on… does this mean… are you…” “Um, no, I’m not pregnant.” [When you have more than two kids, people are always assuming you’re a serial breeder.] What I mean is that I have three boys…. and a business. Actually, that would be a great alternate title for this blog. Because the only thing I love talking about more than my children is […]