Stacey Vee
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About me

I’ve been doing this media shizzle for 17 years, and back when my boobs were perky I worked for FHM. No, I did not wear a bikini to the office. Why do people always ask that? Today I run an all-girl, all-star inbound marketing agency called Content Candy.

I have four men in my life: The Husband. Travis the Lionheart (9). His younger brother Ryan (5). And Oliver (3), the littlest but not the least!

I started the Living Lionheart blog in 2010 as a place to talk about my eldest son Travis. He was born with a rare brain malformation called Septo Optic Dysplasia. That’s the long medical name. The short name is De Morsier syndrome.

But these days I blog less about raising a child with special needs and more about balancing motherhood with running a business. Oh, and adventures – when you’re my age and ankle-deep in raising kids, you’re always looking for excitement. Maybe you can help me tick something off my list of 100 bite-sized adventures? Pretty please?

Sometimes we do reviews and giveaways. Sometimes not. But we don’t review baby products or write about events (sorry, we get asked to do that a lot – the answer is nope).

The Lionheart’s two brothers – Ryan and Oliver – have their own YouTube channel called The Mighty Squish where they do video toy reviews. If you subscribe to it, I’ll bake you a batch of the most sinful brownies on earth. When I’m not baking I’m pursuing my dream of being a short story writer. I suck at it.

Together the Lionheart family lives, laughs and runs bubble baths in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Blog stats and rates

You’re probably on this page because you’re looking for my blog stats and rate card, right? Check out my public media kit, or if you need more details, download my rate card here <— you can see this blog’s monthly pageviews, unique visitors, rates for sponsored posts and banner ads on this one. It’s a goodie.