Just in time for Christmas, our top five favourite LEGO Duplo sets…

The boys have had a ball (or maybe, a “block”) being LEGO Duplo ambassadors this year. We racked and stacked and bashed and built enough LEGO constructions to last a lifetime. Kidding. You can never get tired of playing with LEGO.

I asked the kids what their favourite LEGO Dupo sets have been so far, and which ones they’ve asked Father Christmas to bring them. This is the ultimate list for grannies and grandpas, aunties and uncles, and anyone who wants to make this Christmas the best ever for little LEGO lovers.

1. Lego Duplo Mickey Mouse


Oh, Toodles! The moment Oliver spotted these Mickey Mouse Clubhouse sets, he went absolutely bananas. We haven’t heard the end of it. I haven’t spotted them in our local ToyZone yet (which is where we do all our toy shopping, they even have a LEGO play pit of the kids). But I did manage to find a few Mickey Mouse sets online. You can see one here at Takealot, and there are a couple on PopsToys.


2. Lego Duplo Creative Chest


We did a video review of this set in November, and I still think it’s the ultimate starter kit for the kid who is yet to get their first taste of LEGO. The Creative Chest has a little bit of everything, including some of the different-shaped blocks for building some of the trickier types of character, particularly ones with curves. It comes with a couple of idea cards so that you can get building straight away – and it also comes with a few special blocks so you can build Easter, Halloween, and Christmas characters. I found it online at Takealot (it’s on sale for R290, go!), Loot, PopsToys, and KidZone.


3. Lego Duplo Arctic


I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many characters and animals packed into a single LEGO set before! There’s a husky dog, a whale, a polar bear and two Eskimos. The best bit about this set was that from the moment we unboxed it, the boys were interested in learning more about the Eskimo way of life. It lead to discussions, like building igloos, and catching and cooking fish (the set actually comes with a fire block, a pot, and a fish), and other interesting did you knows, like how many words Eskimos have for snow. I found it on Takealot (best price again), CreativePlay, PopsToys, Loot, and KidsZone.


4. Lego Duplo Miles Stellosphere Hanger


Definitely near the top of Ryan’s wish list for Christmas this year, LEGO Duplo actually has a couple of sets from the Miles from Tomorrowland franchise. Or as Ryan used to sing before I could figure out what he was saying: “Whales from tomorrow!” I found it on Takealot, PopsToys, CreativePlay and Loot. Also, come on Loot, why are your LEGO prices so uncompetitive, especially at this time of year?


5. Lego Duplo Batman Adventure


Last but certainly not least – in fact, Ryan has just asked my why I didn’t put this one at the top of the list – is Batman Adventure. What he doesn’t know (and thank goodness he can’t read yet) is that is was already tucked right at the bottom of my trolley when we spotted it while out shopping the other day. I mean, tucked at the bottom of Santa’s toy sack. I can’t find this online, but I did find this one on my local ToyZone.


We are already two weeks into the December holidays and you must all be losing your minds trying to keep the kids busy. Visit the activities section of the Lego Duplo website where there are colouring in pages that you can print out, and a “learn to match” card game that you can print out to play.


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