Looking for a birthday present for the little squish in your life?

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Finally, I have the answer to that question I see on Facebook all the time. “It’s my niece-nephew-godchild’s first birthday party, and I don’t know what to get as a present.” This is the answer: their first set of LEGO! Be the cool auntie or uncle and

This is the answer: their first LEGO!

Everyone wants to be the cool auntie or uncle, and buy their little squish some Lego. But then you go into the toy shop and look around and yup, it’s overwhelming. As a rule of thumb, you want to be buying the bigger blocks – LEGO Duplo – instead of the regular-sized ones you remember from your own childhood. That way they at least get to play with it much sooner.

We’ve been lucky enough to test out a few sets of LEGO Duplo this year (look here, here and here), and once Oliver unboxed this one, we knew that this… THIS… was the perfect introduction to the world of LEGO. It comes with three picture cards with ideas on what you can build. It has a couple of blocks with numbers, and some with pictures, and one with a happy/sleepy face. There are 19 pieces for a newbie Lego lover to explore. Here, let Oli show you.


I found the LEGO Duplo Learn To Build & Create set online for just R149.

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