99 bottles of beer (and pasta sauce and pickles) on the wall

Okay, it was more like 19 bottles. That’s how many glass items we collected in our new glass recycling bin a little more than two weeks ago for September’s Glass Recycling Month. And oh my lawdie, it was embarrassing to line them all up on the wall before we dropped them off at our nearest glass bank for recycling. It’s kind of like digging through someone else’s trash and seeing all their dirty secrets. Except these secrets are ours. I should probably drink less Savanna’s and put a bit more effort into making our own pasta sauces instead of using […]


We’ve finally started recycling glass! And it’s so easy…

Sponsored post Ever since we moved into our first real house-house in February, I’ve wanted us to start recycling as a family. We’re perfectly set up for it. Our garden has beds that we can use to grow vegetables, there’s a composter tucked away in a corner, there’s a wide open space outside our back door where we can put bins for glass, plastic and tetra packs and the municipality drops off a bag that we can put paper and cardboard in for collection every couple of weeks. So in theory, we should be champion recyclers by now. Except we’re not. […]