You can teach an old lion(heart) new tricks

Let the record reflect that 5 minutes ago I had another breakthrough with Travis the Lionheart. I think I’ve figured out how to teach him to use a spoon! I’m so excited at the possibilities – just imagine… If I can get this right, then at supper time I’ll be able to eat a meal at the same time as the rest of the family instead of feeding Travis first, and then eating my own (usually cold) plate of food. Actually, I did sorta-kinda find a workaround for that little conundrum. I’ve started sharing a plate with Travis. So I’ll […]

A day in the life of our Lionheart

I don’t blog about our boy nearly enough these days, and I think that’s because our family has settled into a happy routine. As you know, in February this year we decided to bring Travis the Lionheart home to live with us again after he spent seven months in residential care. Since then he’s put on loads of weight and is mostly happy and giggly, but of course, there are still the difficult days. He stopped pulling everyone’s windscreen wiper blades off their cars (yay), but his new hobby is ripping covers off books. This is making his brothers pretty cross, […]