Win a Paw Patrol Zoomer Marshall worth R2000!

THIS COMPETITION IS NOW CLOSED. The winner is: CHRIS L OOSTHUIZEN! Congrats. This is the true story of how I won the Mom of the Year Award. It started with an email from Just Fun Kidz, asking if Ryan and Oliver wanted to review the new Paw Patrol Zoomer Marshall on their YouTube channel, The Mighty Squish. And it ended, well… it hasn’t ended at all, really because the boys have been playing with their pet non-stop for weeks now. Even Travis the Lionheart has been curious about the pup that has been roaming the house!   If you’re looking for […]


5 ways playing with LEGO helps my boys learn and grow

Sponsored post I need to show you all something. In the last few months, my boys have been obsessed with their LEGO Duplo sets. We’ve even filmed a couple of videos of them playing with their blocks. In fact, LEGO sculptures are becoming quite serious now. Just look at my son Ryan, going online to find inspiration for things to build. He’s taking it to engineer-level, and I’m loving it. Here are some of the LEGO models that he and I built together after skimming through Google Images for ideas:   This was a couple of weeks ago, and since then […]


Review: LEGO Duplo Around the World Arctic edition

Every day when I come home from work there is a new LEGO sculpture waiting for me to ooh and aah over. Ryan and Oliver usually build cube-like structures (that remind me distinctly of the Vogons’ ships in the film version of Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy), and they hide dinosaurs and Hot Wheel cars inside.  They also left one of these sculptures in front of the fridge last night, like a booby trap for the resident midnight snacker. That’s me. Thanks for blowing my cover, guys. Here they are playing with their new LEGO Duplo set: the Arctic edition of […]


Review: My First Truck from LEGO Duplo!

Sponsored post   Ryan has been badgering me for ages to help him film toy review like his hero Ryan ToysReview over on YouTube. Yes, I know! Two Ryans on YouTube doing toy reviews 🙂 I couldn’t think of a better opportunity to start off his toy review videos than with LEGO Duplo! We have a giant bag full of LEGO Duplo blocks at home that Ryan shares with his brother Oliver. LEGO blocks are seriously one of the best-best-BEST toys that you can give your child to play with! It’s all about creativity, spatial 3D, engineering and problem-solving. (And […]