How we’re not defined as a family by our son’s special needs

When I started writing about our life with Travis in 2010, he was two years old and I’d never been more miserable, desperate and heartbroken. I was newly married, and our first-born was mentally challenged and physically disabled, and more immediately… he didn’t sleep and he wouldn’t eat.I would wake up each morning and know my future, long-term – our future as a family – was trashed. There’s no other word for it really. And in the short-term, I had to deal with a baby whose eyes couldn’t focus on my face when I spoke words of love, who didn’t […]


I have something important to share…

… and it’s difficult for me to write this. In fact, I’m typing this blog post as fast as I can to just get it out. It’s been haunting me. Like a toad lurking in a dark corner. The reason I’m finding this hard to write is because I feel guilty and shamed. Because so many of you jumped in to help out our family when we really needed it. You contributed time and money, and you bought into everything I had to say. For a while it worked out just like I thought it would, and then things went […]


Captain Giggles is home for the weekend, and my heart is whole

    Travis has had nicknames aplenty over the years. On this blog, he’s our Lionheart. But his dad has called him ‘Sausage’ since the day he was born. And when we snuggle, I call Travis my ‘Bear-Bear’. Have you seen his thatch of thick, brown hair? It’s very Beatles. Very Yellow Submarine. Now Travis goes by the moniker Captain Giggles, because his shy and merry laugh is the birdsong I wake up to when he’s home. It’s the sweetest sound. God, I miss you when you’re not here, my son. After we placed Travis in residential care in July […]