The Lionheart walks!

Last week Travis took us all by surprise and took his first steps. We were expecting to have to wait another 12 or 18 months before reaching this milestone. Having a child that walks is something that you take for granted, but for our family – this changes everything. The Lionheart’s first steps signal a massive shift in what the future looks like for our family.
And this is a victory that belongs to Travis alone. It’s been years since we have been able to afford splints, orthopaedic shoes, and regular physiotherapy sessions for him. It’s through his grim determination, getting up each time he falls – which is often – that he’s done the unthinkable: WALKING! His wonderful school has also been instrumental in making this happen.

I burst into tears when I watched Travis take his first steps in the kitchen on Thursday. Since then we’ve been trying to take a sneaky video of him practising his walking. Please excuse the dodgy video quality – you can’t stage this kind of moment. This was Travis walking yesterday morning. Watch how Ryan the Mighty Squish (who has, ironically, been walking since he was 8 months old) copycats his big brother’s odd gait. We’re so proud to share this milestone with the Lionheart readers.

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  1. Stacey, that is some proper good walking! I am very happy for you guys. And I giggled so much at impish little Ryan – what a character, I can' believe how accurate his mimicry is, and he's not even 2. Champs ,all round.
    chuckle chuckle
    Oh gosh that little guy is amusing…


  2. Tears dripping onto my keyboard, Stace. I love how tentative he his … so soft and steady. Well done little Lionheart! We all love you, through your mom's incredible portrayal of you xxx

  3. I wrote a comment earlier to tell you how the video wasn't loading because I had the slowest, EDGEiest 3G card EVER, but now I'm back in my office and I've watched the video and aside from using the greatest sound track ever, I actually cannot be any happier for you and the whole Lionheart family. And yes, for someone like me who acts hardcore around babies, I AM SOBBING INTO MY KEYBOARD.

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