Win a Paw Patrol Zoomer Marshall worth R2000!


This is the true story of how I won the Mom of the Year Award. It started with an email from Just Fun Kidz, asking if Ryan and Oliver wanted to review the new Paw Patrol Zoomer Marshall on their YouTube channel, The Mighty Squish. And it ended, well… it hasn’t ended at all, really because the boys have been playing with their pet non-stop for weeks now. Even Travis the Lionheart has been curious about the pup that has been roaming the house!


If you’re looking for a Christmas present that lasts longer than it does for the kids to rip the wrapping paper off the box, then Zoomer Marshall is a good candidate. Apart from singing the Paw Patrol song – which is compulsory, really, ha ha – he also has 150 sayings programmed into him. There is a sensor in front (I think, otherwise it’s just hocus-pocus) that has Marshall following you around the house on his missions. Here’s the full run-down of his features:


  • He moves and acts just like a real pup, saying 150+ real Paw Patrol phrases and sounds
  • He has 80+ interactive missions and tricks, including performing the Pup Pup Boogie and Paw Patrol Theme
  • You can team up with Zoomer Marshall to help find Chickeletta, put out runaway campfire coals, and more
  • Open up Marshall’s transforming Pup Pack to activate and launch his spring-loaded water cannons


The boys have learned to push down on Marshall’s head or tap him on his fire marshall’s badge to get him to do different actions. And of course, shooting the water cannons is their favourite thing to do. I’ve walked into various rooms in the house to find that they’ve built all manner of targets and obstacles for Marshall to shoot at and navigate around.


I’m not surprised that Zoomer Marshall made his way onto the Toys “R” Us 2016 Holiday Hot Toy List and I’ll bet Father Christmas will be stuffing plenty of stocking with Zoomer toys in the coming weeks.


Here are the boys playing with Marshall in our bedroom the other day. We dragged all their mattresses into the master bedroom because it’s the only one with an aircon in the house and we were in the middle of a heatwave!


PS: scroll down for a chance to win a Zoomer Marshall worth R2000 for the little Paw Patrol fan in your life.


How to win a Zoomer Marshall worth R2,000!

  1. Comment on this post and say what feature you love the most about Zoomer Marshall. Is it that he plays the Paw Patrol theme song, his 150 differents sayings or maybe his cool water cannons? Tell us!
  2. Subscribe to The Mighty Squish channel on YouTube where we put all the boys’ toy reviews.

PS: you have to do both to be entered.

For an extra entry, like Just Fun Kidz on FacebookTwitter or Instagram, and share this giveaway. Goooooood luck, pups!
Terms and conditions
You may enter this competition as many times as you like. This competition is open to residents of South Africa only. The winner will be chosen randomly. This prize cannot be exchanged for cash. This competition closes on Monday 21 November 2016 at noon, and the winner will be announced the same day.

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  1. Ok, my girls have been wanting to be toy reviewers since they started watching the videos last year! I am close to giving in! We’ve subscribed to the boys channel 🙂 I love that it plays all the paw patrol song, Nini is paw patrol obsessed.

  2. Oh. My. Gosh!!!!! My kids would freak out!!! I think the best feature for me would be the fact that he moves and acts like a real puppy. My boys would probably say that he can sing their most favouritest song in the whole world would be the best feature!

  3. His different sayings. My little girl is Paw Patrol obsessed 💖🐶💖 This would make the perfect Christmas gift for my Bella 💖 Subscribed to The Mighty Squish channel and sharing on social media 🌈💙🌈 Paws crossed 🌈💙🌈

  4. This is such an amazing competition – seriously has to be every Mom’s dream, especially before Christmas time! The prize is completely insane! I’ve shared the competition on twitter (@flutterbymegs). Love the sayings, very interactive! I would absolutely love to win. Here is me crossing fingers and toes and anything else that can be crossed.

  5. My little girl loves Marshall. Its her favorite pup, i think because she’s clumsy like him 🙂 I think she would like that he has 80+ interactive missions and tricks, including performing the Pup Pup Boogie and Paw Patrol Theme. She loves moving to the tunes so she would definitely love this feature. If she could have this toy it would make her year especially with her new sibling coming in to the world!

  6. My Emily watched the video and besides loving that your boys have all the Angry birds she loved every thing that Marshall did her favourite being how the water cannons shoot out.

  7. Love that he is like a real puppy.. My 5 year old son is nuts about Paw patrol, but he is terrified of dogs, no matter how big or small. No idea why he has this fear, and we are trying everything to get it out of him. He desperately wants a real puppy, but its just not possible right now.

  8. Oh my! How to choose 1 favourite????? Love everything about him. My son would love that he is moving and definately the song!!!!! I have to hear that song 200 million times a day. Liked, subscribed, shared holding thumbs yeah!!!!!

  9. Oh my hat,my son would die, he is not just a fan of paw patrol, but I would say completely smitten and in love with them. I saved all year and just got him the plush chase, marshal, and rubble for Christmas. He saw this on tv the other day and pretended to faint. I love the whole toy but I know he thinks the water Canon’s are just awesome.

  10. … I honestly can’t Choose any of the features, because all of them are extremely awesome as my son would say!! Made a huge mistake to let him watch with me, now he also wants a moving fireman doggy!! So now this mommy is crossing all her fingers and toes and hopes to win hehe-haha

  11. awesome..I love that you can do and learn so much..I love the fact that he acts like a real pup and that will be great for my kids to keep busy with..There’s so many activities and surprises from this toy it’s amazing..

  12. My favorite feature will have to be the 150 phrases , my 3 year old is a paw patrol junkie, and shhhhh so am i… Marshal has to the cutest pup ever and his catchy liners are awesome

  13. My 5 year old son loves to sing & dance, so my favourite feature would have to be that Marshall has 80+ interactive missions and tricks, including performing the Pup Pup Boogie and Paw Patrol Theme 🐕

  14. This is so cool. My daughter wanted one so badly for her birthday but it is pricy…she even said Santa might bring her one because she has been so good. She loves the Dalmatian…that how she explains it….

  15. I think all the features are amazing and my kids will be thrilled. My boy would love the water cannons and my daughter all 150 sayings. It really is a great entertaining toy that will keep them busy for hours……oh and since we dont have a pet….guess what? Lol

  16. I love the fact that it’s simple to use and so interactive they can go on missions together it’s a fun but also a learning toy which is great

  17. I love the fact that he can say 150 different sayings. I have Subscribed to The Mighty Squish channel on YouTube. have likede Just Fun Kidz on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram and I have shared the giveaway via twitter

  18. My son would love the 80+ interactive missions and tricks that Zoomer Marshall can do, not to mention his favorite song Pup Pup Boogie & Paw Patrol Theme song…

  19. I love that he has 150+ different sayings! Marshall does sooooo much! Very exciting toy to have for Christmas…Keaton(my little boy), would go bonkers for this!

  20. We love that he has water cannons and that my little boy can follow Marshall around the house. My son is absolutely crazy about Marshall. Such an amazing toy!!!! Will bring so much happiness and excitement this Christmas! We are ready for a Ruff Ruff Rescue!!!!

  21. Oh my! That he does the “Pup-Pup-Boooooooogie” – shake your booty!
    My little one loves to shake and move about when he hears and see them play the dance game on telly! He would be well impressed to play it with Marshall <3

  22. I love his 150 differents sayings, Ayla can learn all the sayings while playing with Paw Patrol Zoomer Marshall and have lots of fun and laughter

  23. Ah my little boy would love this so much
    We have a TINY Marshall and he simply adores him
    Goes to bed with him and everything so this would be a total hit.
    He’s also a #2nd kid so some serious spoiling would make Christmas 2016 the best!
    Chose Hugo Walton 🙂

  24. I love how he has spring-loaded water cannons. My 4 year old son Massimo would platz if he got this for Christmas. It would provide hours of entertainment for him and his brother during the long summer holidays.

  25. Love how he a acts and moves like a real pup,keeps little ones active they won’t get easily bored with this toy.I also love how clear the sound is,will make a best friend for a very special little Princess ❤️

  26. This is so special. Wow, Thanks Guys. I like the fact He moves and acts just like a real pup, saying 150+ real Paw Patrol phrases and sounds the most. It is very interactive and my son will sure love it and take it along wherever possible. ツ

  27. I think my son, Ruben, will love the water canons as well as having 150 sounds etc to keep him busy. 🙂 I hope he will have the chance to win a Marshall.

  28. My grandchild is a huge fan of this TV show and this prize would make me a very popular granny 🙂
    The best feature to me is that it plays the song, it is very catchy indeed!

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