Love chocolate and travel? Win with Cadbury Dairy Milk!

This competition is now closed. The winner is: Tertia Burns.


This Easter, Cadbury Dairy Milk is offering South African families a chance of winning a 7 night holiday for a family of 4 to the world’s favourite theme park in Orlando, USA. This prize consists of an all-inclusive package valued at R250 000.

For a chance to jet off on this fun filled family holiday, simply purchase any slab from the Cadbury Dairy Milk range and SMS the last 4 digits of your barcode to 33711 before 30 April 2016.*

Win a hamper worth R1500!

Living Lionheart is also giving away two amazing Cadbury Dairy Milk Easter Hampers worth R1500 each!

All you have to do is leave a comment below and tell me how you would use Cadbury chocolate in your Easter family feast. Be creative!

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Each of the 2 prizes consists of:

  • 1 x 50cm Purple overnight travel bag with wheels
  • 1 x Matching vanity bag
  • 1 x Selfie stick
  • 5 x Cadbury Dairy Milk slabs



Competition rules:

  1. Entrants must be South African residents.
  2. The competition closes on Tuesday, 05 April 2016
  3. The prize is not transferable to another person and no part of a prize is exchangeable for cash or any other prize.
  4. The respective agency will endeavour to deliver the prize within a month of the competition end date but cannot guarantee this delivery time.

Comments 58

  1. Such an awesome giveaway well myself and hubby plan an easter egg hunt every year for our 3nephews and this year we decided they old enough for some trick or treat styled hunt so we going to dip some boiled eggs in chocolate as tricks….we also have a egg decorating table for the obviously using cadbury and then finally we will be doing chocolate fave painting lol (the perks of being an aunty you get to send them home at night after a sugar rush lol)

  2. I would love to win that cadbury’s hamper.. My family is hooked on peppermint crisp tart and I will do something completely different for them. I will exclude the peppermint crisp in the entire dish and each layer will be a cadbury’s, with all those different flavours I have no doubt it will be something that we will be talking about and wanting for a long while.

  3. I would melt the Cadbury chocolate and fashion my own custom shaped Easter egg that looks like my dog Basil out of it. ( with my non existent chocolate sculpting skills).
    I would then transport my creation in the wheelie bag and take selfies with it in random places.

  4. I love melting cadbury chocolate and then pour it in my hot cross bun ooh so yummy
    I will be making chocolate cake . Icing made with cadbury dairy milk and fresh cream . Then chilli chocolate hot chocolates . A little chilli into my melted cadbury chocolate some cream . Make hot chocolate as normal add the chocolate with chilli and cream always a hit

  5. I would definitely use them in our desserts by making extra chocolatey chocolate brownies and double chocolate chocolate layered cake with more chocolate on top

  6. Have you heard of the chocolate slabs that hid in strange places in the house & popped up at the most unconvinient times? Neither have I, but I’m gonna make it a tradition!

    Search for the slabs and those that are lucky, find them, but the fun in it, would be if the slab found the kids instead! For every good deed for the day, they earn half a slab, but they wont know that and it makes it more fun.

    Maybe im just a little crazy.

    Wouls be amazing to win! I go crazy for cadbury, so do the kids

  7. Melt some Cadbury’s Milk Chocolate in a bowl over some hot water and then mix with cream until smooth, add a touch of cinnamon and pour over a mug cake for a decadent delight.

  8. I will be using Cadbury whole nut chocolate in my yummy brownies and Cadbury Dairy milk melted over the top.
    Cadbury mint crisp will be the key ingredient in my caramel and mint dessert.. and since I probably won’t get much of these because everyone else also loves it so much, I will sneak the Top Deck into my bedroom and enjoy it when everyone else has gone off to sleep!!

  9. Firstly let it be said that Purple is my favourite colour, Easter is my best holiday and I am currently looking to get my very first pet , a rabbit :)I am also a huge chocoholic and Cadbury fan, So this comp seems PERFECT FOR ME.

    I have a few things I would like to make with Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate, please bear with me.

    1. I would add it to my Easter Feast by buying my own Easter egg moulds then melting the Cadbury choc and making my own VERY delicious Easter eggs, I would hide them away for the kids. It would be soooo much fun. I think they would make amazing tasting easter eggs. I would add it to the family feast for after the meal or each person would get some eggs next to their plate.

    2. I would add it to my Easter feast by taking the pieces of Cadbury chocolate breaking it up and adding it to icecream and custard, I love Cadbury Choc pieces in ice cream and custard and so does the whole family, it will make an excellent addition to my fest.

    3.We love muffins in my family and for all occassions especially Easter we love to have tons of different flavoured muffins (choc being the family favourite) , I would melt the Cadbury choc and mix it with icing sugar and make a delicious chocolate muffin topping then I would take the left over pieces of choc and add them to the top of the muffin icing. (think a piece of cadbury choc added to cadbury choc icing) choc on choc=awesomeness

    4.I would grate the cadbury choc and use it as a dessert topping what an amazing addition to any Easter feast -YUM TUM

    5.We are hot chocolate fantastic, many times I can be found throwing pieces of cadbury chocolate into warm milk or even into my coffe, we make out own hot choc and this would be super cool for an easter feast. I even take cadbury hot choc and throw in additional cadbury choc. For an EXCELLENT addition to your easter feast ……drink some cadbury hot choc which I would serve to the kids and guests and they can eat some cadbury choc with it 🙂

    6.Chocolate milk shakes addded to the easter feast would be awesome too, just use cadbury milk choc as the chocolate , put it in a blender and off you go , amazing home made cadbury chocolate milkshakes with sprinkled cadbury choc on top (yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmm-now thats an amazing addition to an easter feast)

    I can go on and on and on …………..

    “Happy Easter to Everybunny” 🙂

    P.S Following on Facebook and Twitter-twitter handler=@laurengerber1

  10. For easter Im planning on making a rich chocolate cake for my family. The weather in Joburg is getting a bit cold the cake will be very much enjoyed with a cup of tea. To make it more fun i will decorate it with Cadbury easter eggs. This will be a great way to have fun and bake with my son whom I dont spend as much time as I would want with. Being a special needs mom can be hectic but this long holiday is special nothing compares to spending time with my boy playing outside sensory play in the kitchen while we bake our cake… looking forward to it

  11. we are going to first have a hunt with cadbury chocolates and then we are all going to make a dish out the chocolates we have found in our hunt. it can be savoury or sweet and the person with the most creative chocolate dish and tastiest gets to pick the meat for our afternoon braai

  12. Well …. I’d love to try some chocolate fondants again, I’d also put some Cadbury Tumbles or Whispers on top of cupcakes and then I’d just eat the slab just like that…

  13. Cadbury’s is the chosen chocolate in our family.. It just tastes soooo good. We will be having a cadbury’s easter egg hunt for the kiddies (and adults too) and for dessert I will be making 2 family favouites.. the peppermint tart.. with loads of cadbury’s mint chocolate grated all over, as well as a chocolate cake smothered in a cadbury’s chocolate ganache and more chocolate grated on top. My mouth is watering already 🙂

  14. I will melt the chocolate and pour it in lollipop moulds to give each child I see on the street a treat for easter. Nothing gives me more joy than Cadbury chocolates and seeing the smiles on happy kids faces. <3

  15. I would use them to make yummy desserts like chocolate cheesecake, chocolate cake, peppermint crisp tart, choc brownies and make my own easter bunny chocolates using moulds and melting the chocs. I would also melt the chocolate and pour over popcorn it tastes so delish.

  16. With the horde of kid-lets in my house I would love love love this hamper. I can taste it now Cadbury dairy milk chocolate melted with cream ooooozing from a chocolate fountain ripe for the dipping. A spread of fruits and marshmallows mmmmm. And if there is any Cadbury’s chocolate that survives the day, there will be SMOOOORS by campfire.

  17. I love Easter as well as baking..who doesn’t?! 🙂

    Well on Easter I make different kinds of treats to suite my family as well as the kids 🙂

    The treats I will make for kids are cadbury chocolate brownies , cupcakes that has green icing as well as Cadbury mini eggs on the top

    For the family I will make:

    Cadbury crunchie cheese cake this is my absolute favourite! Use crunchie pieces to top the cake off.

    I also would make assorted choc chip muffins and triffafles or mousse all using Cadbury prodcuts :))

    # Cadbury is the best <3 <3

  18. One of my best puddings (I make) is a baked chocolate pudding with chocolate sauce – and when I take it out of the oven just before serving, I grate a slab of Cadbury chocolate on top. Mint, plain, nut…all work well. We are so eating that this weekend with the family.

  19. We usually have a hearty family Easter lunch at my place, so I would use the Cadbury products on a eggciting Easter hunt with the kids, serve them as snacks and make some delicious sweet treats, including chocolate brownies, chocolate mousse, chocolate mud pies, for teatime, for the adults 😉

  20. Let me name the ways… Hidden as part of the easter egg hunt for my kids…Grated on our ice cream and the cupcakes I plan to make , melted to dip our marshmallows and broken into pieces to nibble on in front of the tv.

  21. For the last 10 years, our Easter family feast has been to head down to Cape Town and run the Two Oceans half marathon. As we climbed on the plane today, Mango presented us with two free Cadbury slabs. It was a sign! So, for the next few days I’ll be “carbo-loading” on more slabs of Cadburys in preparation for our Easter weekend!

  22. This is my simple recipe for Exotic Easter Eggs. You can make them with the kids and distribute as gifts. Chip off the upper part of an egg, remove contents, wash, dry, paint them in bright colours and fill with assorted Cadbury chocolates. Sprinkle with 100s and 1000s and tie with a pretty ribbon. Simple yet beautiful. I also like to fill up some pretty cupcake cups with grated chocolate, lightly dust with gold edible dust and place 3 speckled eggs per cup. For the adults, I melt plain chocolate and add in a generous pinch of orange zest. Then drizzle the cooled mixture over Easter Eggs and sprinkle with candied orange peel…

  23. I would use the Cadbury chocolate for a breathtaking table centrepiece chocolate fountain fondue in my Easter family feast surrounded by hot cross buns and fresh fruit kebabs for dipping and enjoying.

  24. You can just put them in your face of course. Totally not judging. Alternatively, there are a trillion, zillion different ways you can enjoy your Cadbury chocolate this Easter – I am thinking of it encased in a brownie batter, or swirled through cool vanilla cheesecake. Or, perhaps melted into gooey, oozy cookies, or dribbling over pancakes….basically I will be using and enjoying it/for baking 😉

  25. I have an amazing recipe for a completely decadent chocolate mousse. It takes 600g of chocolate, so I don’t make it too often, but when I do, it’s worth every cent. I’d like use it as a filling for chocolate dippy eggs – remove the top of a chocolate hen’s egg, fill with chocolate mousse and serve with biscotti for dipping, for a special Easter treat.

  26. We are going camping this weekend with the grandkids and we are starting the weekend off with a roadtrip and lots of Cadbury slabs. Then one night we will be making bread on a tick and melting Cadbury chocolate pieces with mini marshmallows and popcorn in them….

  27. My little one is not a huge fan of chocolate but if you create a figurine from melting it -he enjoys it. For him we will have a chocolate fondue and the 2 big boys will have to hunt for it – will hind the chocies around the house and yard for them to do choc hunt. …….

  28. Um, I am SO over chocolate (I’m in it for the selfie stick haha) after baking a friends death by chocolate cake that I think I’d wrap them up and hide them in random places with a note and a book (cause I have lots of those). You know, to make someone else’s day. I’ve always wanted to do it. Seems so fun.

  29. I would use dairy milk to make a mud slide dessert. Simply melt 2 slabs of dairy milk and mix with chocolate cake mix and for extra chocolate taste, melt 2 more dairy milk chocolates for the topping.yummmy

  30. My family and I are huge Chocoholics and CADBURY FANS! We absolutely love Cadbury Chocolate. This Easter I am going to treat myself and loved ones to luxury Easter eggs and share the sensational taste of Cadbury chocolate with them Fun and fabulous Easter treats are all the better if homemade. I am going to have fun in the kitchen with the whole family making Easter treats which includes chocolate eggs, delectable mouthwatering Easter bunny cakes, chocolate truffles, cookies, desserts, yummy decorated chocolate cupcakes and fudge, all made with CADBURY CHOCOLATE. My delicious and fun Easter desserts (including cakes and cookies) are excellent ways to celebrate the holiday. My kids will love decorating the Easter desserts in festive shapes and designs, with fluffy lambs, beautiful bunnies, cute chicks, and an array of spring flowers. I love Chocolate Orange fudge. It’s a simple fudge recipe which I will make combining Cadbury chocolate , condensed milk, pecans and orange zest. You can also substitute almonds, walnuts or any kind of nut. My kids also love Chocolate easter fairy cakes. These are mini fairy cakes so they are a nice size for kids. They are easy and so quick to make. My kids can decorate them any way they like. I am also looking forward to baking Easter Egg nests made with pecans or walnuts, finely chopped, decorated with Cadbury chocolate and 1 large bag candy covered mini chocolate eggs. The Wall-nuts, chocolate and the butter cookies make a great combination! The kids and adults alike will love these adorable Easter egg nests, nutty biscuits that hold mini chocolate egg. Desserts would include Chocolate mouse bunny. My daughter requested Nutella cupcakes for her birthday They’re deliciously rich! I will have them decorated with chopped hazelnuts, Cadbury chocolate and chocolate sprinkles. This year, we look forward to all our homemade yummy and irresitable easter treats made with the one & only Chocolate we love – CADBURY CHOCOLATE!!

  31. I would melt the chocolate slabs and use it as a spread on hot cross buns and then also make chocolate ice cream with it. Cadbury choc spread on hot cross bun and scoop of Cadbury choc ice cream, YUM YUM☺

  32. I would take the travel bag & book a night away with my husband; then leave the chocolate & selfie stick with my sister & my nephew & my twins to enjoy. Dreams just dreams but it is good to dream 🙂

  33. Since my kids live in the rural area, town is very far. Having chocolates for them is a once in while kind of thing. This treat would really bring smiles to them. Lol..they have never had so much chocolate. I would hide the chocolates and play the easter egg hunt with it. This will be a fun and new experience for them.

  34. I would turn the feast into a FUN family time!

    The feast would be outside with a camp in the garden (because my dogs are also part of the family and any time with them is precious). A LEKKER open fire fondue 🙂 Loads of melted chocolate and enything we can braai and dip into chocolate … marshmallow. pineapple, cheese, bread and why not dip Cadbury chocolate into melted Cadbury chocolate? Now that would be beyond believe yummy deliciousness!

    (The doggies wil eat doggy biscuits 😉 )

    * *** *We will sleep under the stars after our Cadbury feast! * **

  35. I love melting marshallows and chocolate squares on hot cross buns, it’s squishy and chocolately and far too decadent. It’s even better with the wholenut chocolate squares.

  36. SO much of yummyness!! We are huge chocoholics in our house…. So think it would only be fitting to include as much chocolate as we can these holidays!! There were so many ways to include cadburys, can melt down the slabs and used moulds to make our own little bunny chocolates, set the table and place chocolates on each place setting, create a lovely chocolate mouse cake, topped with a white chocolate ganash, and finished off with pieces of yummy chocolate squares ontop! …. Think i might just finish off our chocolate stash tonight, all these ideas are making my mouth water 😉 hehe, my little boy is only 7 months old, so we got to eat all his chocolate this year, but looking forward to making it fun for him next year

  37. my weakness is Cadbury Dairy Milk Mint and I used it to make a wonderful summer Choc Mint Fridge Tart for Easter, I also made Top Deck pastry twirls which I grated onto rolled out puff pastry then rolled it like a swiss roll and sliced and baked.

  38. I made the family their favourite chocolate dessert, Mississippi Mud Pie using the wholenut chocolate, also made crunchies with melted top deck chocolate. Instead of just having “normal” Easter eggs, we neatly broke up various Cadbury Dairy Milk choc bars and covered the pieces in various colour foil papers and gave those out as treats.

  39. I would collect decorative flat stones, roughly the size of Cadbury 100g chocolate slabs, and clear stain the stones. I would then attach a different variety of Cadbury chocolate slab to each stone, and paste a created printed place name tag for each guest to attend my Easter Sunday feast, celebrating the resurrection of Jesus when the stone was found rolled away from his tomb!

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